Robin Gonzalez

I finished your book over the weekend and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading "Jesus My Son, Mary's Journal of Jesus' Early Life."

The interactions between young Jesus and His mother were so sweet and tender. You depicted Mary as so full of love for God, her husband and family, and, mostly, Jesus. Of course, how else could she be? It just made me think of her on a more human and personal level.

Also, I enjoyed reading about the Jewish customs. It was late in life that I realized that Jesus and His family were Jews. Another thing that touched my heart was the beautiful poem "Father's Death." My very close friend from childhood just recently lost her dad. I'd like to share this poem with her, if you don't mind. I know it will ring true to her heart, too.

Well, Mary, I could go on and on about your book. I loved every second of reading it. Thank you for writing it and thank God for inspiring you.