Chapter Excerpts

Chapter 4: Mary's Journey to Visit Elizabeth 7/15/2010

 As my journey will end when we reach the temple tomorrow, I am nervous about the greeting I will receive from someone as righteous as Zechariah and Elizabeth. Will they be as doubtful as Joseph when I told hom my story? they may even consider me unclean since I am traveling with these wonderfl Samaritans and spent the night in a Samaritan home. I pray my Lord will give me the words to help them understand.

Chapter 3: Mary Tells Joseph she is with Child 5/5/2010

I rushed to Joseph's shop early this morning with the exciting news. since we are supposed to avoid contact during this priod of separation, he quickly pulled me inside and scanned the area to make sure no one had seen me....

The words poured from my mouth until I saw his face writhe in pain.

"How can this be? Mary, are you not a virgin?" he asked as his big strong hands stroked his thin scraggly beard and...he turned away.

I ran from his shop before the deluge of tears burst from my eyes.

Chapter 2: Mary Conceives a Son 4/19/2010

Today my pen is ready to write, but my mind is empty. According to the angel, last night I conceived a baby who is truly God's son. How did You do it? When Your Spirit overshadowed me, I felt Your presence, but there was no physical interaction. My body was floating on a sea of radiant light as the power of the Most High overshadowed me and I received the seed of Your Holy Spirit. I awoke this morning knowing that my body had conceived the beginning of the baby of the angel Gabriel's announcement. My Lord, You chose me for the ultimate blessing among women, but I am beginning to have second thoughts about this journey.

Chapter 1: Mary's Inspiration to Begin this Journal 4/12/2010

Dear God, Now that I have reasoned why I may have been chosen for this awesome honor, I beg You to help me make the most of my ability and create stories to help the entire world better understand some of the most intimate things concering Your son. Please give me the ability to recall all things as accurately as You would have the world know them. May the stories be as beautiful and blessed as I trust the journey will be. With pen in hand, I am prepared to be the vessel that will pour out the truth as only a mother can--deeply, from my heart.